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Workbooks: OurMedicine Toolkits

Personalised and interactive workbooks, and their companion journals, for supported self care of sleep, eating, stress/anxiety, fatigue/low energy, and back pain. These are core tools for the new Health Guide. We have a dedicated public website where we offer links to these workbooks and other self care support.

The Self Care Library

Our FREE independent review of scientific evidence for a wide range of self care approaches in 12 common conditions where prescriptions can often be a last resort: things you can do at home, things you can buy and people you can see. Each is given a simple rating for benefits, risks and costs.  Created by a team at the University of Westminster with the support of the UK Department of Health.

Plant tools for resilience

Follow the Herbal Hub link to a vast range of resources on the use of plants in traditional and modern medicine. Ranging from foods to powerful drugs plants can provide a very accessible toolkit for resilience hunters and a homely medicine chest for anyone else.

Social prescription

Become a Hub! The most powerful generator of resilience is the community. Health Guides can be at their strongest in facilitating self care groups, classes, question-time events or simply providing a space for community activities near or at their practice. If you are a prescriber look at a ‘social prescription‘ as a option. We have some experience and resources to share.

Health Guide Education

So you want to extend your practice. What do you need to offer your Health Guide skills to your patients and clients? There are a range of practice building, training and educational opportunities – online and in sessions – being planned. Watch this space!

Health Guides Resource Kit

Summaries of the rational use of natural resilience support measures, including nutritional, lifestyle and herbal approaches, coaching, psychosocial techniques, that a Health Guide may refer to in practice. In preparation.