We have developed a range of interactive workbooks to manage our health and to build wellbeing. These are available free to view online on ourmedicine.net.

Rather than being instruction manuals, the workbooks enable each person to build and own an individual recovery plan. They offer the best available evidence in accessible ways,  a range of self-assessments, and steps, tips and exercises to check off or apply.

To complement the workbooks there are also linked journals, personalised and adapted for download and home use to manage recovery plans. These include checklists, orientation guides, dedicated diaries and self-monitoring tools to allow owners to share progress with their supporters, health or care professionals, or Health Guides.

The first workbooks focus on ‘pillars of health’, sleeping, eating, stress management and recovering energy, that respond best to things we do for ourselves rather than what our doctors prescribe.

They can be used by people on their own. However they will usually work much better with a supporter, a health or care professional or advisor, acting as a coach or Health Guide.They are also useful tools for professionals who wish to extend their skills and build their practices.

The workbooks have been field-tested among particularly challenging participants, in a joint project with the St Loye’s Foundation, a major UK charity working on government programmes with job seekers who have health-related barriers to employment. This work ensured that the materials are user-friendly in almost any circumstance.

Each workbook is based on the rainbow steps format as illustrated. Pages are colour-coded accordingly, starting with the blue, and moving through to red marked pages where personal recovery plans can be designed. The illustration below refers to the Sleep workbook format.

As well as online access, hard-copy versions of the Workbooks are available. Each practice or centre can have one or more complete sets, inserted into a clear loose-leaf folder. They can act as desk references or be kept in waiting rooms for consultation.

For a small fee each user can then receive a personal Journal to take home. This can be downloaded from the website, or individually compiled by the practitioner or practice staff from stock pages into convenient loose-ring binders (as illustrated). Each contains user-generated outcome measures, checklists, orientation questionnaires, relevant diaries to complete, and other records. The Journal is designed to monitor recovery plans, and to be brought back for review by the practitioner or supporter at future visits.

Health Guides can insert their name and contact details into the front cover of  hard copy versions of both the Workbooks and Journals, and may insert their own practice information and advice. The workbook information remains freely available online. Hard-copy versions of the Workbooks have convenient ‘tinyurl’ codes and QR bar codes to access web references  either on computer, tablet or smartphone.

Pilot packs of workbooks, journal binders, and stock items for the personal journals, including diary and orientation pages, are being made available for practitioners in hard-copy form at cost. Early adopters are encouraged to field test these tools with their patients and clients. To find out more contact us to arrange demonstrations or to register your interest.

Take a look at the video for the Sleep workbook below to see how it is different and contact us for a demo if you are interested in learning more. Note: this was compiled early in the development of this workbook series: there have been changes since although key principles remain.   If you would like to see a Demo version of the Sleep workbook,  please contact us here